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August 25, 2020
The 27 year old law (or the law of 27)

Tonight as I move my fingers gracefully across the keyboard, I spin the random genrator in my brain and it lands on; the 27 year old law. Pardon my grammer and spelling errors I adhere to the KISS principle. Keep it simple stupid. garmmer and spelling are the work of the machine and not that of the creative human.

I spoke before of generalizations and therefore again I know that I am generalizing. I will speak of the bell curve in another future paper so for now just go with the topic and I will allow my subconsious the opportunity to speak un edited and uncorrected.

The 27 year old law is this. Most humans peak creatively, passionately and physically at the age of 27. What this means is that by 27 we all have pretty must revealed our talents or gifts and the use of  those will peak at 27 years old.  Lets take two cases for tonight. The case of the athelete and that of a so called artist.

The athelete peaking at 27 is easier to start with as most people will buy this one and understand it.  I figure this out because my son works for Major League Baseball (MLB) and he discussed with me one day how pitchers peak in terms of speed and raw atheletic performance arround the age of 27.  So you may ask what about the ones that go past 40?  How can they be better than your average 27 yeara old if that were true. To that I say cleverness, disception and experience.  What I call wisdom. There is smartness and then there is wisdom. Wisdom comes from singing the blues and experience. Also called learning the hard way. If you follow pitchers in MLB baseball you will hear about making adjustments. Joe made the adjustment and went on to win after being down 3 runs. Adjustments can be momentary based on the feel of a particular game or it could be a necessary one like your fast ball is slowing down cause you are over 27 and you make an adjustment. An example would be to make your curve ball more curvy or deceptive, learn a new trick pitch, etc. Not all pitchers are going to make the necessary adjustments and will fade away soon after the raw talent diminshes usually after the 27 birthday. Or perhaps they can make enough adjustments to get them 5 more years. The gifted ones do make it to 40 in very rare occcassions.  But they are indeed outliers on the bell curve. So you think well thats a tough life if you are washed up by age 27 and certainly by 40.  But they go on like everyone else does to other jobs like; coaching, commentating, investing or anything else the masses might decide to do. Atheletes get old and thats it. No more palying at the very high level they could when they were 27.  So life peaks at 27 for atheletes.

So the artist usually derives their art from something that may be called passion. Passion means you actually care about what you are doing and this can be reflected in great art. Of course all art is subjective, but so is everything else.  So by the time an artist is 27 its time to get them on tape like if they are a musician or get the drawings done by age 27 because the passion likely will not last. Well you may say what about Van Gogh? Or what about artists that don't become famous until they are dead, I believe when you go back and review their work you will find that the really good stuff was done by age 27. You see humans need to get physically developed and and need to be experienced or emotionally developed enough to pull off great things. This cross road of talent and experience tends to be about 27 years old.

I was always told that if you are not a millionaire or billionaire or whatever it is you want out of life by age 27 then you probably aren't going to get there. Does that mean life is over at age 27. no. An artist might not get discovered to make financial gain until later in life and since he did his best work at 27 then anything he paints is going to be valuable.  Thats called cashing in or selling out. So if I was in a great band in the 1960 like led zepplin I probably did my best work by age 27 but i can always round up the band and put together a revival tour to get some jingle in the pocket.  There just might be enough old fans out there to whip up some fresh nostagia. I may be the kind of person that just loves life and is happy to wake up every morning, and if I can get the band back together thats icing on the cake. There are people really truely like that but likely not a lot.  Many tend to live in the past, make america great again, trying to stop the clock and reverse it, they get a new piece of technology and immediately figure out how to force it to be like the old one they know rather than figure out why the new one is the way it is. Might be a reason for that! Maybe the new technology gets rid of the old problems you are trying to recreated buy making it act ilike the older technology. But resistance is futile and that mentality never works for long as mother nature always waves her magic wand of change.  Resistance is futile! Thats where hope comes in. We are always hoping. Hope keeps us going beyond 27. I wish you good hope. May your gifts and passion last well past the 27 year old average. Live long and prosper. Full steam ahead.