Objective Voice Covid Papers

September 2, 2020


What an over used word. Like quality and 5 star customer service. Countless quality programs have come and gone. Awards are handed out like ice cream cones. In its effort to make the corporate or private citizen feel important the leaders feel the flock must be constantly patted on the back to feel important, happy, part of the greater good. Most of us think that efficiency means that something is cheap. Who can make a hamburger cheaper than McDonald's. They have use efficiency to trim the supply chain and command so much influence as to change the way farming for potatoes, chickens and beef are processed from birth to hamburger.  Amazon has efficiently manipulated the concept of marketing and perfected the market so it is cheap.  They command so much power now they started their own delivery service to rival or exceed the USPS, UPS and FedEx.  We measure efficiency by cheapness of products.  As Jeff Bozos says we all want our products fast and cheap? Right?

If we continue down this path we will eventually destroy everything we have. That 0.50$ hamburger has cost the entire world a lot more than the price. What destruction to the land, sea and air has that hamburger done that is now considered free from mother nature.  Eventually we will and are going to pay a lot more for the abuse that has been disguised by organizations as efficiency.  We all like to go down the road of least resistance. If it ain't broke don't fix it.  The system has worked in the past therefore lets keep going until some catastrophe stops it. Then we put out fires and reconstruct and salvage what we haven't yet destroyed. Efficiency is just a brainwashing effect that justifies behaviors that might not actually be the most beneficent way to do something. It might not be the best way but its better than anything else. Technology will save us as it always will. Lets not deal with over population or pollution. Lets wait for technology to provide a solution and keep cramming the world with goods and services until something comes along to disrupt. Lets continue the corporate policy of putting out fires.

What can one person do? Not much really. So live for today and to hell with tomorrow. The problems will all eventually be solved one way or the other.  In the meantime a less materialistic point of view will buy some time.  Stop consuming and stop wasting. Be efficient.