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August 27, 2020


Recycling or Conservation. No brainer, conservation wins every time.  Heres why.

Recycle means to take garbage and use it again. Probably the worst form of recycling is the one we are most familiar with and most state governments are on board with.  Pick up stuff curbside. Have special crew. Have special trucks. Have special sorting plants. Clean items. Try to sell it to anyone.  This process usually winds up being very dirty.  Think about the process. Of course we create jobs but why not use those jobs on something less destructive to society. We waste resources and money on trucks and plants and water and gas just to get the products to the county level. Nobody wants the recycled stuff. Why become its garbage.  If we can sell it or give it away then who ever winds up with the garbage will likely dump the product or worse reprocess the product. Reprocess takes more chemicals and energy and creates more pollution. So recycling is doomed from the get go.

Repurpose is better.  Thats taking garbage as it is and using it for another purpose, much better than recycling.  But in the end you still need to deal with the garbage. 

If you really want to help the world and the environment don't recycle. Instead conserve. Conserve means don't use. Be cheap and stingy. Don't buy it don't use it.  For every bottle of water I don't buy that will create less demand for the manufacturers to make another to replace it (more dirt and filth and damage to the environment). You say bottled water is cleaner. Not true, there are no regulations on bottled water and my tap water is tested every hour. I save money and at the same time help save the world. Capitalism thrives on waste. Buy, buy and buy. Keep american strong (and dirty and discusting). In the old days America was a lot dirtier with manufacting you say.  Thats because we exported our dirty manufacting over seas.  Check out the air and water in china these days. The world keeps getting more poulated so send the polllution somewhere else so we don't have to look at it.  Not in my backyard.  Not in my perfectly groomed and fertlizer and pesticide soaked beautiful bright green perfectly manicured yard. STOP CONSUMING.  The machine is coming to take our jobs anyway so resistance is futile. You don't have to prove to me how rich you are or pretend to be,  You are killing us all and making the world a worse place to live. Save the world stop consumption. I beg each and every one of you to stop consuming.

I know there are to many people roaming the earth and consuming varaciously with no end in sight.  In fact people still think consumption is a good and god given right. Like the fat cigar smoking boss image of old, consumption is going to be seen as such hopefully sooner than later.  Lets bring being cheap and stingy into "style". Be cheap and be proud. Wear old clothes, drive your new car 15 years until it dies.  Better yet use Lyft.  Or public transportation god forbid. Snobs are bad. Conservationist are good. Some say well if I don't ride on that airplane its still going to go pollute the air anyway, I might as well be on it.  Again if you don't do it and a lot of others follow suit than the demand will go down and the air will be cleaner.  Don't worry about the economy. Like I said the machine is going to take your job anyway sooner or later no matter how important you think you are or how hard you think your job is.  Who cares.  Lets bring the world down in a revolution of conservation.

For a number of years now I have seen every product that comes into my house be it an apple (fruit) or an apple computer as junk in. I see in my minds eye a piece of junk eventually winding up on the curbside going to some landfill or to be recycled into more filth. Think of the  Prime, UPS and FedEx trucks as the garbage in trucks. We only notice the garbage out trucks. If we can cut down on the garbage in trucks than we will equally cut down on the garbage out trucks.  My sewer company charges me by how much water I use.  Good assumption as the freshwater supply coming into my house is mostly going to reflect the sewage coming out.  Think of the garbage in trucks in the same way. Every piece of in garbage they deliver will one day, sooner or later be taken away by the garbage out trucks.  Taken to some mountain of garbage somewhere.  Hopefully not in or near my neighborhood.  As long as I don't see it who cares?  I must admit that I do drive by some mountains of garbage now and then and man they are discusting. Usually when I am on my way to get some in garbage.

I am not saying don't consume.  We have to. We are filthy dirty animals that produce waste. Each and everyone of us is.  Even the queen of England is.  Maybe we should thank mother nature for each and everything we come in contact with. Might slow us down to consume less. Whatever it takes slow down people.  Think about it before you consume it. Just because you can "afford" it doesn't give you the right to consume it. A lot of pain and suffering and damage to the earth has gone into producing what you believe you can afford and have the god given right to do so.  I remember the old consumer reports pollution survey that had this multiple choice question: what is worse for the environment; a) paper, b) plastic, c) children. The answer was c, children. Children create an overwhelming amount of waste. They go to Applebees and throw away food and 1 hour later mom makes them chicken nuggets. They are swaddled in disposible diapers. They eat processesed food out of cute little tiny bottles. They constantly destroy and ruin products and funiture.  Isn't that cute jonny put applesause in daddys ferogami shoes. Oh was daddy mad, hahaha. He had to go buy new ones. He was mad then but he can laugh at it now, hahaha. Threw the dirty ones away. Baby Sally threw up in the car and now the cleaning crew is here spraying toxic chemicals in the car to mask the smell.  I don't blame the children, but I do blame the adults for not more consiously being away of the damage their kids are doing. Children don't know any better and I guess the parents don't know any better either.  Mom and Dad are exhausted, they have 3 jobs each, no child care and they can't save the world by themselves anyway? Right? You can't always get what you want, you get what you need.  Try to need less.

So in summary, Conserve=good. Consume=bad. Lets get a handle on the junk in supply chain. Lower consumption, save the world.