Objective Voice Covid Papers

August 29, 2020

The Pen

What is more powerful, the pen or the screwdriver?

Well with the pen I can capture my thoughts. Fact, fiction, ideology and all my brilliant ideas that I feel I need to write down because I think they are worthy enough to pass on as part of my legacy. I like the pen rather than talk because it forces the writer to organize thoughts and you get a written memorabilia of the topic discussed to look back on later for whatever reason.  Or I could be just writing a heaping pile of garbage. This is the OBJECTIVE part.  Perhaps Alexander Hamilton's words we are lucky to have. But there is always the other side of the coin, those that might want words to be taken back or disappear.  Those types of words are usually spoken in noisy locations one to one.  although the surveillance equipment is getting quite good. I want to be in the room where it happened. The garage where Deep Throat met Bob Woodward were. Clandestine words that have to be penned by someone else.  They say with pens you can move mountains.

I say not. To move a mountain you need explosive and dump trucks and hard labor, lots of machines.The screwdriver brinsg the thoughts, beliefs, intentions, promises, hopes, dreams, memories, psychological, mystical, magical, unimaginable, imaginable to life.  A transition from the spiritual world of the mind to the physical world of the body.  The screwdriver can fix your sink or serve as a murder weapon in a fit of rage or passion.  We tend to be a society where as long as you keep it in your mind everything is cool.  But do it in the physically world and you certainly will go to hell or jail or heaven or neither depending on your beliefs and he laws of your particular society.  To us thoughts are fleeting,  writing is legacy and works are  transitioning those invisible and virtual things into the physical world. The one we use our eyes ears nose feelings touch for. Oh such a big difference. 

I understand that in some societies or religions it is just as bad to think bad thoughts as it is to perform them in the physical world.  But that one is hard for me to swallow since some believe that only a small portion of our brains are under our control. Most is used for primary functions like to control life supporting functions like breathing and heartbeat. Yet many in the psychology world feel that we have a conscious yes, but also a subconscious. A world in our brain that controls thoughts and that we have no control over. The id, the ego, the super ego, the subconscious.  One thinks wow if I could only take a pill and tap into that sub subconscious stuff I could really do [blank] much better.  Maybe we could all be concert pianists if we stimulated a certain region of our brain, but some how only a few of us get to do that.  Maybe this is the stuff of gifts and talent and hard training, Perhaps its a very dark and evil place where we do bad things to get it out of our system so we can do good things in the physical world.  Ah we really do understand so little.  Many believe that LSD is a window into the subconscious. That you pop it and if you got some skeletons or evil bad things in there you may let them out into the physical world and you will never get Pandora back in her box.  If you are cool then the LSD just makes you feel groovy and want to listen to the greatful dead. Maybe its the other way around, dumb people have good trips since they are empty headed and smart people have bad ones because there is too much amazing stuff boxed away in there.

So the pen and the screwdriver I guess separate the imagination from reality. the virtual, spiritual, ideological, emotional world of the mind and the physical real world of action.  Do actions really speak louder than words. Gangster, politicians, corporate slave masters certainly do believe that. Gandhi, King, hippies, hostage negotiators thought not. Do we have original thoughts or are we indoctrinated slowly over time, from the time we leave the womb (or test tube).  If I believe it does that make it real? Does it matter.  After all I only know what I can believe.  No one else can open my head and insert stuff in there, but thats coming if it isn't already here.  In the end does it really matter whether something exists in the real or imaginary world?