The Objective Voice Covid  Papers

August 24, 2020

Kellyann Conway

At the time of this writing I have heard that KellyAnn Conway is leaving the white house. This paper I have been planning for months so who cares that she is leaving,  Here it is:

Kellyann Conway is probably the most powerful person in the world.  Do you realize what this person has accomplished? She masterminded the trump campaign and WON!!!!  She deserves a nobel prize same as Obama, just for winning the election in 2016.  What were the odds of such a spectacle to happen in the real world.  I mean fiction fantasy romance scifi books don't contain the stuff of Conway.

I am about to disclose a secret I have been talking to people about for 6 months.  Now I will disclose it to you, the general public for the first time.  Kellyane Conway and the "tweet team" are so obviously the source of those 8,345 tweets sent out every day.  The only thing trump has time for is his own empty headed comments that he blabs out like every other senior old man.  The late night talk shows seem to want you to think of trump as sitting on the toliet tweeting and pooping simultaneously. Why didn't they realize that when the typos are impossible due to autocorrect that means they were INTENDED to be mispelled. Part of the brillance of Conway to pretend that the president was actually sending these.  He could't figure out how to build a piece of IKEA furniture. Let alone type on a keyboard. Just ask any 95 year old. The guy is a big fat old golf player making deals.  And I don't say those things about trump in a bad way, I am envious of trump.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be king. I just can't wait to be king. So she has total control of his online persona. BOOM. Most powerful person the world. Today your online image is WAY more important than kissing babies and giving speeches and walking like a unsteady toddler walking down ramps.

Trumps mouth and speeches and tv interviews are really his blabbing nothing. I have seen them they are either the babblings of a forgetful grandfather or just stupid ideas because no one ever treated him badly or told him the idea was stupid. They were afraid of being fired and who else would pay them this amount of money to work for a maniac.  Every problem was taken care of with a check.  He never had a problem with writting checks (or not in some cases. get it).  I clearly mean that if you go through life and the worst problem you ever have is a shortage of money, you are a very and I mean very blessed person.  I tell my wife a while back after she smashes up the car, oh honey don't worry calm down, any problem that can be solved by writting a check is not really a problem.  Now getting hit over the head with a sledge hammer, or have liver cancer, or being poisioned by municiple water those are problems.

So Kellann Conway is the most powerful person in the world, she is the Madonna of media manipulation. She is the master of disaster. She is the howard stern of politics, she has a life that to us would seem like she had a rocket tied to here back.  A direct channel to having a life on auto pilot where every decision is right on target, a bright shining comet.  Not to say that her enemies won't eventually take her down because they will. They always do and always will.  But up to now what a world this has been for KAC. I read about her wedding.  Read this article.

What I takeawy from the article is this. Brilliant well educated person. Plays the biggest game extremely well. Loves networking and attention. Extrovert. Not easily satisfied.  Gets bored fast.  High maintanace. Not great with children or even small animals.

Would I like to have a beer with her and talk, absolutely.

Anyway I love you Kellyanne, love everything about you, your spunk, your wardrove, you master of illusion skills.