The Objective Voice Covid Papers

August 23, 2020


Simple solution. Treat everyone the same. If you approach someone or they approach you, be it waitress, garbage man, plumber, broker, banker, ditch digger, insurance agent, CEO, billionaire, etc, treat them the same. Problem solved.

We have likely been indocrinated somewhere in the past that certain people should be treated with respect reflecting their position in life. This is the root of racism. Treat everyone the same except.....

I have always been told, you need to dress like this and say this depending on the situation. Very soon we lose what it means to "be ourselves". How can I be myself if I have to be one self when on a job interview and another self when I am chumming around with my buddies. Well they say life is not simple. It depends on who you are addressing and their socio economic status. Thus racism begins almost immediately in our lives as do most behaviors. Once the simple rule is broken "treat everyone the same" and you are told to be this way with this person and that way with that person complexity becomes our excuse.  Favoring one individual over another going into a new relationship with preconcieved notions is the root of racism.

There is nothing wrong with making generalizations.  That is the way we filter out and organization all the information we need to process which is a lot.  Its a great way to discuss things and organize our thoughts by looking for categories and patterns. Freedom of the speech allows us to say anything we want. But again we interpret that rule as "say anything you want except to......or in front of......or here, or there or anywhere and everywhere. Confused? I am.

But what I am talking about here is the first time you meet any human being.  Assume nothing. The ditch digger might be a millionaire who enjoys the job to stay fit.  The CEO could be a felon.   The well dressed lady may be conning you. So assume nothing. Engage, listen and do your due diligence in regard to that person. If it develops into a relationship judge the person by your moral code. Be cautions, use checks and balances do your due diligence, Thats just smart. Or don't if you so choose. However, don't assume the dirt or intelligence your neighbor or boss gave you is the truth. Take it with a grain of salt.

I have had people say to me offended when I talk, do you know who you are talking to. A person of my position deserves respect. I say I am sorry but I communicate the same way with people I don't really know or have no previous relationship with. I can only be myself.  I am just being honest with you cause this is what I believe. People who think they have power are really offended by this. Nobody has the power over you unless you give it to them.  Once you start playing this game of trying to treat one person one way and another the otherway based on status and rules and protocols and catagorizations and generalizations others have made and fed you, you will become so confused you won't know who you are.  Letting other people drive your interactions and beliefs in others is the root of racism.
Visual racism, the kind that is used by just viewing another human being, like he has 3 heads so how could he be like me. He must be destroyed, humiliated and proven to be beneath me kind of racism. You know it, you love it :).  With the globalization of the world this issue will go away.  We will become a homogenized pool of genes. Like pouring all the wine in the world in one bucket, then bottling and selling that.  We may not be little clones but there will be so many variations we will not notice it anymore. Remember the bar room scene in star wars. Or read Dr Suess a star upon thars.

So approach everyone the same way regardless of their social economic status or what they look like.  If you are an opptomist assume the best. if you are a pessimist assume the worst. Just be consistent. Be yourself. If you develop a relationship you of course can begin to end or continue that relationship based on real interactions with a human being not hearsay or gossip or gross generalizations told to you by other sources.  You are in charge of you.  Your mother is not in charge of you, your family is not, your wife is not, your boss is not, your god is not.  You are in charge, unless you believe that you are graced by a superior guiding being that is controlling your destiny. Whatever you look like and whatever you do or how you fit in with other human beings, you ultimately pull the trigger on each and every decision.  If you make a bad one try to learn from it and move on as quickly as you can and at your own pace, not someone elses.  Nobody else controls you and only you are responsible for your actions so choose wisely.  We are all basically the same.