The Objective Voice Covid Papers


August 22, 2020

Now Donald Trump has said that "if the elections are run fairly, a republican would never again win an election."  Who of course knows whether that is true, false or just another diversion but it is still a great topic to examine. One of the things he has stated (just assume from now on the it could be true, false or just another diversion) in some form is that the voting by mail is fraudulent. So based on (what I call) the "A=B, B=C therefore A=C rule" lets assume that somehow there is a link between fair elections and mail in ballots. So mail in ballots really means no Republican will ever win such an election. He runs government like a corporation and so he can fire and hire anyone he wants. So lets dismantle the Post Office now to ensure that mail in ballots will never be counted.  Perfectly logical.

One argument that has been going on for years is that the Post Office is losing money while UPS and FedEx make bundles of money and therefore get rid of the post office and turn it over to UPS and FedEx and just pay them the government monies that would normal go to the USPS. Sounds logical right and maybe its correct. But from what I understand is that the Post Office was created by the founding fathers of the USA as a right for individuals to get mail no matter what. Kind of like the right to bear arms or the right to freedom of speech we have a constiutional right to be send and receive mail wherever we choose to set up a homestead. So UPS and FedEx make money because they don't have to follow the constitution. They can and do refuse to deliver mail to locations where it is uneconomical (lose money).  So if UPS and FedEx will guarantee delivery to every location that the USPS goes and can do it cheaper and more efficiently then great.

Or maybe, Lets be crazy radical and pass a law that says no one can live anywhere that UPS and FedEx don't deliver too.  We could take any properties off the UPS delivery area by eminent domain. Allow the Trump fasicist government to take control of those lands and make it so that it can only be habitated when a developer gets arround to developing it. Then once its developed let UPS go there and no more USPS.

Why not just change the United States constitution. Its just an old fashioned document that nobody reads or can even understand right?

Another argument is that voting in a secure fashion is complex and that is why we never get it right. You got government giving money to private business that produce voting system after voting system that may work or may not. Proof is that we haven't gotten it right probably ever. But Amazon can make millions of complex transactions a day, using highly encripted and reliable security protocol that literally handles millions of bank trasactions, from arround the world, hooks buyers and sellers together, collects a commission instantly on every sale, track hugh amount of private personal data, locates products, and gets them delivered and still has plenty of computing power left to sell to other companies.  In fact Amazon makes more money selling computer services to other companies than they do selling products  Retail selling which is the one that gets the product into the hands of the consumer is the most profit generating.  If I sell one single purse on Amazon they collect 20% (or whatever).  Multiply that by 20% of every item they move and thats a whole lot of pocket change.

The NASDAC stock exchange makes billions of transactions between 9:30 am and 4pm nearly every weekday.

Credit beureus, internet providers, telecom companies, utilities, airlines all track data and make secure transactions every day.

Yet we can't seem to get 150 million people to check a few boxes and calculate an accurate total. Some day maybe?